Flying solo* at Hagglers Corner on 14 November

Harriet Quimby, first woman to fly solo across the English Channel. By Steve Remington

Having done a few gigs providing light relief to Chris’s rather serious war songs documentary we will be letting our hair down at the Sharrow Folk Festival.

This is a fundraiser for next year’s Sharrow Festival, one of the best summer community events in Sheffield.

It’s at Hagglers Corner, an intriguing space on Queens Rd, Sheffield which is home to all manner of creative and healing enterprises. There will be dancing in the courtyard and a great variety of singers and musicians in the cafe.


£5 admission, advance tickets available (click on the buy button for details)

*yes that’s right, a duo flying solo is an absurd idea, (ps July 2015 – but that picture of Harriet Quimby was the inspiration for our award winning song written some time after this particular gig)


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