We are off to the Famous Wurzel Bush


The Wurzel Bush Folk Club in Warwickshire has been running for many decades, Chris used to play there regularly in the 1970s. A while back it closed as so many clubs have, but quite recently the original organiser, Dave Sampson, found himself running a few impromptu sessions in his local pub and these were so popular that the Wurzel Bush was reborn.

Dave is from Wiltshire, hence the club’s name, and he has been attracting people from all over the country to come and play. No admission charge but the Famous Wurzel Bush chamber pot is passed round for appreciative contributions. Last week Dave had to move the club to a bigger pub nearby because the audience is growing and there is talk of special events and even running the club more than one night a week.

So we are very pleased to be part of that great success and Break a Leg! will be the guests at the Wurzel Bush on Tuesday 7th February.

The Bulls Head, Brinklow, Warwickshire, CV23 0NE


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