Break a Leg! & Friends fundraising for Edale Mountain Rescue

20-02-11 Edale MR Page Header.jpg

Last year there were only four days when none of the Mountain rescue teams in England and Wales were called out to help somebody in trouble. If you become ill or are injured or lost in the hills around Sheffield it’s probably Edale Mountain rescue who will come to your aid. Their volunteers were out rescuing somebody 137 times last year.

Once again we have two great musical performances for you. We met Cage of Crows recently at a music event in Derbyshire and thought they were just great with a mixture of blues and jazz songs performed with warmth and feeling.


Our other guest is Kootch. We’ve known Beth Lilleyman for quite a while, she’s a lovely performer of folk music, always worth seeing, and we are really looking forward to finding out what she has cooked up with her partner Dean.

As usual Break a Leg! will be your resident group to warm things up for our guests.

No admission charge but plenty of opportunities to give, so please bring money and a generous heart. (you always do so thanks)



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