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If you are coming to see us at Harland Cafe next week

If that’s your plan would you please be really nice to Steve and Sara, who run the cafe and need to know roughly how many people will be coming so they can work out if they need extra staff.


So if you buy a ticket online or pick one up at the cafe, that will help them a lot. (only two quid!)

If you are thinking of coming but not absolutely sure, a brief message here in our contact box would be great.

Thanks a lot, see you there we hope.


On the menu at Harland Cafe, 13 November

Harland Cafe, in John Street, Sheffield, hosts some great events and they’ve asked us to perform in November.


It will be a two part gig with Chris performing the War Songs Documentary, Let us Remember Them Tonight, followed by a set from Break a Leg. Continue reading On the menu at Harland Cafe, 13 November

Right on the night!

Wee bit of a struggle to get our version of Crazy Man Michael licked into shape and it felt like it wasn’t going to work out but that old alrightonthenight magic kicked in and the whole gig felt great. Thanks to the friends who turned up in the small but perfectly formed audience at Cafe #9. Warm appreciation for the elegant Ms Crepe Suzette.