Downtown Nether Edge on 8th November

Why not join the surge in support for the Green Party and have a great time too?

We’ll be playing at the Sheffield Green Party Fundraiser next Saturday along with some very talented people including the marvellous Madame Zucchini.

It’s at Nether Edge Bowling Club, in the heart of glamourous Nether Edge, look for the door in the high wall opposite Zeds.

More information here on the Sheffield Green Part website


Our first recording

It’s a little rough round the edges but we are pleased. It’s a poem called Alone, by Maya Angelou, set to music by us.


Break a Leg! particularly likes this quote from Maya Angelou:

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.

It came to us from the Music Empowers Foundation

If you click on the song name link in the player you’ll see that Bandcamp shows a charge for downloads but we aren’t expecting anybody to buy this, just listen to it online. There will be a more polished version later on.

Have lunch with us on 7th November

Still Life with Guitar by Natasha Deng, and Duet for a Pear by Jenny Armitage

Friday lunchtime busking at the Harland Cafe is a great way to warm up for the weekend. We were there today and saw the lovely Djangonauts and friends playing a great relaxed set of jazz classics so we’ve signed up to do a busking session on Friday 7th November.

So come and have lunch and we’ll play some songs for you.

Raising the Dead

We’ve only played our arrangement of ‘Lord Franklin’ twice in public but on Monday we clearly got something right because two days later this happens.

Franklin 1

Chris has been playing the song solo for a while with no response from the Arctic so obviously Karen’s haunting clarinet part was needed to get things moving.

The Franklin Expedition has had a powerful hold on people’s imagination for the past 170 years and now there’s a rich new seam of material to add to the speculation about what happened to those 129 explorers in a part of the planet which is still mysterious and frightening.

Right on the night!

Wee bit of a struggle to get our version of Crazy Man Michael licked into shape and it felt like it wasn’t going to work out but that old alrightonthenight magic kicked in and the whole gig felt great. Thanks to the friends who turned up in the small but perfectly formed audience at Cafe #9. Warm appreciation for the elegant Ms Crepe Suzette.