Soiree n. an evening party or other gathering given usually at a private house, esp. where guests are invited to listen to, play, or dance to music. [C19: from French, from Old French soir evening, from Latin serum a late time, from serus late]. Chambers Dictionary

Break a Leg! play in a great variety of places, but some of our most enjoyable performances are in people’s homes. It’s an old-fashioned idea, to invite your friends to your house for a small concert, but it seems to work very well.

So if you have a large room in your house and would like to host a party with a difference we will be pleased to hear from you.

George Goodwin Kilburn, ‘A Soiree’, Watercolour 1924

Charity events
Whenever possible we are happy to forgo our fee if the event is raising money for a good cause.


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