Audio / Video

Four Dancers
Written by Chris and arranged by Karen & Chris.
Recorded at Crookes Folk Club 20 July 2018

Eat at Joes
Thanks to Danny Gilhooley for unearthing this song, written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison. Recorded at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Birmingham in June 2016.

John O’ Dreams
Written by Bill Caddick using a traditional folk tune that is more familiar from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Pathetique’. Recorded at Cafe #9 in Sheffield, Jan 2015.
Thanks to Vladan Zdravkovic for the video recordings, he did film a whole evening’s worth of songs but these were the ones (later in the evening) where we relaxed and stopped making mistakes. It’s surprising how nervous you get when you know it’s for posterity.

Probably written by Dominic Behan in the 1960s based on a 19th Century Broadsheet called ‘The Sick Young Man’. Recorded at Cafe #9 in Sheffield, Jan 2015

Blue Moon
Written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, recorded by almost everybody, including us at Cafe #9 in Jan 2015

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire
The Ink Spots classic hit from 1941, written by Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjamin and Eddie Durham, Recorded at Cafe #9 in Sheffield, Jan 2015

Harriet Quimby
The song that won the 2015 Edinburgh Folk Club Songwriting Competition.

Written by Chris and arranged by Karen. Recorded at Blank Tape Studios, Sheffield, July 2015.

Want a copy for your iPod? it’s here
(it’ll cost you a quid which helps us with the recording costs)
You’ll also find the lyrics and some information about Harriet

A poem by Maya Angelou, set to music by us
(It’s our first demo recording and there are a few rough edges but we are pleased)

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3 thoughts on “Audio / Video”

  1. Carrickfergus needs a high degree of vocal accuracy and I think you delivered that well. A sensitive performance with good dynamic and first class accompaniment on the clarinet. I will be in touch about a spot at Morley FC


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