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Break a Leg! is Chris Rust and Karen Hisom.

People first hearing Break a Leg! say that their stripped-back combination of voice, clarinet and guitar is quite different and unexpected. They mix folk, jazz songs and their own songs with passion and feeling. Recent gigs have also featured Karen letting rip on the saxophone.  They have a loyal following in Sheffield, their local gigs often sell out, and won the 2015 Edinburgh Folk Songwriting Competition with their poignant tale, ‘Harriet Quimby’.

Karen and Chris met in 2013, each of them has a long musical history but had not played for quite a while. Karen’s more formal training in classical music and jazz, and Chris’s experience of folk music, skiffle and learning to play in a Beat Group in the 1960s, mean that nothing they do is taken for granted, each song arrangement has been negotiated with care as well as some humour which comes over in their relaxed style of performance.

They agree with Beethoven:
XXXXTo play a wrong note is insignificant;
XXXXto play without passion is inexcusable


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