Westward Ho!


We’ve been rather quiet recently with other things taking up our time but Break a Leg! are back on the road, maybe to somewhere near you?

As well as dates in Derbyshire and Sheffield we are off to the West Country in June in response to a tumult of requests from our fan (thanks Harvey) so that will be fun.



Break a Leg! at Diversity Fest 8 October

Great to be back at Haggler’s Corner for another great event thanks to the indefatigable Trevor Tomlin. We’ll be on mid afternoon on the upstairs stage (we think that’s promotion). Lots of very diverse performances on three stages all day.

More information on the Diversity Fest Facebook page


SOLD OUT Break a Leg! and Sharpish at Cafe #9, Thursday 22 June 2017

soldout-red1BaL and Sharpish1 Header.jpg

A Benefit for Save Nether Edge Trees (but tarmac huggers are very welcome)

Our friends Sharpish are a Sheffield family band who play instrumental folk music with rare delicacy. We’ve been hoping to get together with them for quite a while.

Cafe #9 is one of Sheffield’s most intimate and likeable venues, a great place to get together with your friends at any time, especially when they have live music.

Our Master of Ceremonies will be Doctor Terry Tweed, the famous tree-hugging fugitive from the law and occasional comedian.

Cafe #9 serve great coffee tea and cakes.

Break a Leg! Blue Moon in June Tour

CK Blue Moon narrow.jpg

Glad to be back on the road again with 6 gigs in June. Three in Sheffield and one each in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire (They do seem to like us in Warwickshire)

Hope to see you at one of them. Our special night in Sheffield will be 22 June when we have invited our pals ‘Sharpish’to join us in a benefit for the street tree campaign at the city’s cosiest and possibly most interesting live music venue, Cafe #9. Only a fiver and it’s a great cause. Click on the link below for tickets.

(Update 5 June, now it’s 8 gigs!)

The Break a Leg! Five Counties Tour

Tour Bus cropped.jpg

Second half of March will be busy busy for the hardest working vocal, clarinet and guitar duo in SouthWest Sheffield, our feet won’t touch the ground. Derbyshire, Warwickshire, South Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire.

pennypotcafe-exterior.jpg17 March 2017: Tales & Tunes, Edale
Back again to the Penny Pot Cafe for Food by the Pennypot, Storytelling from the National Trust’s Simon Atherton and Songs from Break a Leg! of course.

ravenbrinklow20 March 2017: The Raven, Brinklow
After our triumphant visit in February we’ve been asked back for a special charity event. After that Break a Leg! will have played at all three of the prestigious music venues in Brinklow, Music Capital of Warwickshire.

hagglers26 March 2017: Sharrow Folk Festival
It’s nearly spring so it must be The Sharrow Folk Festival. It started as a fundraising concert for the Community festival in the summer and now has a life of its own as a two day event.

on-the-radio-cropped28 March 2017: Chorley FM, Live Radio Session, Lancashire
We’re on the steam radio! With luck there will also be one of those webpod thingies for anybody who lacks a 40 foot mast.

lymm_folk_club_logo30 March 2017: Lymm Folk Club, Cheshire
New Venue and new friends for us. Maybe there will be some famous footballers to make it a good crowd. We’ve heard they all live round there.

We are off to the Famous Wurzel Bush


The Wurzel Bush Folk Club in Warwickshire has been running for many decades, Chris used to play there regularly in the 1970s. A while back it closed as so many clubs have, but quite recently the original organiser, Dave Sampson, found himself running a few impromptu sessions in his local pub and these were so popular that the Wurzel Bush was reborn.

Dave is from Wiltshire, hence the club’s name, and he has been attracting people from all over the country to come and play. No admission charge but the Famous Wurzel Bush chamber pot is passed round for appreciative contributions. Last week Dave had to move the club to a bigger pub nearby because the audience is growing and there is talk of special events and even running the club more than one night a week.

So we are very pleased to be part of that great success and Break a Leg! will be the guests at the Wurzel Bush on Tuesday 7th February.

The Bulls Head, Brinklow, Warwickshire, CV23 0NE

Owl be seeing you


Break a Leg! will be at the Wisewood Inn, on the North side of Sheffield, on 23rd November for one of their monthly two-handed folk club nights (the other hand being the very lovely Shaun Hutch). We have some new songs and the old ones seem to be going very well at the moment so we are really looking forward to it.

8:30pm, be there or regret it for ever.