We’ve Won an Award!

Yesterday we went to Edinburgh Folk Club to take part in their annual songwriting competition. And our song ‘Harriet Quimby’ was given first prize.


Here’s Harriet flying the English Channel in her Bleriot monoplane, the first woman to make this flight, in 1912. She was the first woman to receive a pilot’s license in the USA and died, very sadly, later in 1912 when she was thrown from her plane at an air show in Boston (don’t forget to fasten your seat belt next time you fly, and think of Harriet).

We’ll try to get a recording of the song on this site soon. Naturally we are very thrilled. The judges commented on the poetic quality of the song.

We’ll be back in Edinburgh on 1st July to sing the song again and pick up the cup engraved with Chris’s name as this year’s winning songwriter.


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